Thursday, September 9, 2010

SHOREHAM Kickstarter Project

Been a while since I last posted on this blog. That is mainly because this SHOREHAM documentary has been taking much longer then I previously anticipated. And honestly it is not as if I am somehow depriving an avid readership with my prolonged absence. But now I have a serious update that is worth documenting. I am now finished with all of the specifications for my Kickstarter project proposal!

What is Kickstarter? For all of one of you who've asked is a website dedicated to helping creative persons crowd-source capital for their various creative projects. This can include illustrated work, music recording, live presentations, art exhibitions, dance, and motion pictures. Using this venue I hope to raise at least $5,000 (more would be even better, but right now I am lowballing it) by the end of October. If that funding goal is met or surpassed then I will be able to keep all of proceedings with only a nominal fee paid to Kickstarter. These funds will allow me to finally complete the film and put the film online for all to see.

While I am talking about I would like to help promote filmmaker John Allen Soares's project 'The Danger Element'. John was the person who had exposed me to Kickstarter and gave me the idea to raise funds in this manner. I don't know the guy personally and have never communicated with him. But if you have seen his work (Sockboy, and Battle Jitni are available to watch for free on YouTube) you can see he is a really talented guy and could use all the promotion he gets.

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