Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Testimony of Catacosinos

For James and I one of the first stops for our research was the local library. There we found the transcript of the 1987 Senate hearings on the opening of the Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant. One of the LILCO representatives that testified at the Senate hearing was the CEO William J. Catacosinos.

The first thing that popped out about his testimony was how forward thinking he was. Throughout this whole production what struck me was how all of the pro-nuclear people were concerned about our nations dependence on foreign oil and climate change. While all of the anti-nuclear people, the same people who are so very concerned about oil imports and climate change now, were the ones speaking out against Shoreham.

Long Island now gets 60% of its electricity from Oil. Long Islanders have been paying off the $6 billion dollar price tag for the Shoreham plant ever since. William J. Catacosinos left the island for Arizona where he now works for a coal company, but not before, as former LILCO Vice-CEO of construction Matthew Codaro, he got the government to totally pay the bill.

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