Saturday, December 5, 2009

SHOREHAM: the beginning of the production

In 2006, I listened to a radio interview between Penn Jillette and Patrick Moore. Patrick Moore is an Ecologist with a PhD from the University of Toronto. He was one of the former founding members of Greenpeace. In the 1980's he left the organization because they were taking too many anti-scientific, ideologically motivated positions.

At the time I was a college student. I was influenced by the trendy environmentalism of recent years. I had donated money to Greenpeace. It surprised me to contemplate that my previously held assumptions were wrong.

Patrick Moore and Penn Jillette went on to discuss the issue of nuclear power. Moore stated that himself and Greenpeace were mistaken to link nuclear power with nuclear weapons. He now serves as the co-chair of the Clean and Safe Energy Coalition and promotes nuclear power as a safe and reliable form of power.

After I graduated college I was looking for a way to begin my career in film-making, I decided to start with a subject close to home. I have been a resident of Long Island for most of my life. In the mid-1960s the Long Island Lighting Company (LILCO) announced plans to build a nuclear power plant in the Shoreham/Wading River area of Suffolk county. In 1989, after six billion dollars in cost overruns the plant was shut down before it was ever operated.

Early in 2009 I contacted James Haag, a journalist. We had been introduced through the Cody Center a clinic specializing in people on the autism spectrum. He was interested in the project and agreed to help with the research. He had been out of work since his newspaper folded.

At first I thought all this project would only be ten minutes of audio over video that would be posted to YouTube. Then James started scheduling interview after interview. Now I am having trouble keeping this film under ninety minutes. The film is still in production and we hope to have a rough cut finished by early 2010.

This is the first in a series of posts detailing the production of the film interview to interview.

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